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Do you enjoy reading a good Book or Magazine? I sure do.My favorite way to get inspired about projects is by reading books and magazines.

That is why I have added this book store to the site. Do you enjoy saving money? I bet you do,after-all that is probably another reason you are visiting a DIY home improvement site.

Browse the page, watch the slide show below to get familar with some of the books and ebooks available from our Book Store.

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Have you ever noticed magazines placed near the check out counters of your favorite supermarket? We all have. I have purchased lots of magazines from those locations. But if a subscription of that magazine is available, you will save money by ordering a subscription.

Most of the time the savings is substantial. So look our book store over for savings on your favorite magazine subscriptions and books.

Sometimes a magazine filled with lots of photos of beautiful gardens or homes decorated in an appealing style can be very inspiring. And inspiring you to improve you home and garden is what is this website is all about.

I have a sizable book and magazine collection myself. And the great thing about home and garden books and magazines is that they never go bad. Colors may come and go, and new products are developed but you can still get ideas from these sources.

I have gone ahead and added other categories along with books about home and gardens. That way you can shop to your hearts desire for whatever topic you find interesting.

And remember there is a selection of digital books on this site too. Here is the link to the Ebook Directory And We have included a Kindle Store on this page for those that are into the new EReaders

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