Surround your Landscape with a Stone Border

Build a stone border around your flower gardens and landscape.

See how we have transformed our own landscape with stone borders.

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When you make a flower garden or landscape area you need to surround it with some type of border so the grass will not grow back into the garden. The photo on the above shows a small flower garden around our mailbox in the spring time.

Even though the flowers are just starting to show color the stone border is interesting.

There are several types of borders you can use in your landscape but few offer the flexibility you have with using stone.

You can make the border one layer high or as high as you need to make it. It is adjustable, if you want to change the design of the garden you can.

It also offers a natural look which is much nicer than some other types of molded or plastic borders.

And if you collect the stone yourself, you can make a beautiful stone border for all of your landscaping for free!

Yes, it is alot of work, but it is long lasting and the look is something you can be proud of. That means alot too.

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We removed all of the outdated evergreens from our front yard landscape a few years ago. When we updated the landscaping we removed all of the original border too.

We have all of our front yard landscaping surrounded with natural stone that we collected.

The original border was fine, but we had other places we could use the material so we decided to change all of the landscape edging in our front yard to stone.

The photo above shows the stone border going around the front yard landscaping The photo shows that the stone border was used around the tree and curves all the way out to the street.

We have a straight walkway from the street to our front door. (See Photo below right).

Our driveway is also a straight line parallel with the walkway.

That was done when the house was built. So we have changed the look with landscaping. (I don't know what the builders were thinking)! That is straight line overkill for a residence.

There was way to much concrete and grass for my liking.

Using curves in the landscape border helps to soften the look of so many straight lines.

We removed all of the grass between the walkway and the driveway to landscape the areas.

We also removed all of the grass on the other side of walk to add landscaping. It looks much more inviting now.

As you can see in this photo taken a few years ago.

As you can see in the photo below a border around this small tree adds interest.

This area looks good even in cold weather when the flowers are gone.

There is a magnolia tree in the center of the flowers. It is tiny in this photo. It is about 5 feet tall now.

The photos above right and beside left show the stone border as it was being built around the free garden.(The garden I made in the area the pine tree had been in is named the free garden).

This garden is now 3 years old and completely filled in with perennials and annuals .

Notice the flower pots turned on their side in the second photo of the center of the garden .

This adds an interesting look to the landscape.

The pots are made terra cotta.

The terra cotta color looks natural and matches our brick on the house.(See the brick on the house in the background of the photo.

Terra cotta pots are fragile. Take them out of the weather during cold months.

The center part of the garden was covered in mulch as a ground cover(after this photo was taken).

The front and back of the garden has river rock as a ground cover. This matches other gardens we had added such as our shade garden that is at the side of house.

Even in winter when the plants are dormant the free garden is a beautiful rock garden .

The Stone Border was Continued in Areas of the Backyard

You can see in this photo that we are using alot of stone around the pond area.

The construction is the beginning of a large stone border that is going to surround the patio.

That was a few years ago. Since that time that area is full of bushes and the patio is private.

The pond has been filled in and was replaced with a flower garden as a temporary solution last year. The landscape is not finished there yet.

We currently have plans to make a NEW flower garden with a curved pathway in that location. Ponds require lots of upkeep. We decided for us - it was not a good idea.

We decided to fill in the space and gain more usable space in the area. This is how former pond area looked last year.

The pond area was a flower garden, filled with annual flowers started from seed after we filled in the pond.

That area will eventually be planted with perennials surrounding a curved pathway over to the new pergola we added recently.(See pergola in photo).

There is a new pergola next to the fence that now supports our porch swing.

The pergola is now the support for the wisteria at the fence.

Eventually the two spaces will be joined by a pathway and step. That will mean the use of more rock.

So there will be borders added as needed.

We have a combination of natural stone and paver stones in the backyard landscape .

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