Using these Halloween Decorating Ideas, I have more fun decorating for Halloween than any other time of the year!

Sharing my Halloween Decorating Ideas and pictures with you is exciting for me.

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year.

And it will be here before you know so get ready now!

If you enjoy Halloween but are out of great decorating ideas for Halloween -keep reading this page. These suggestions should get you thinking in the right direction.

(If you have a great story to share about some Halloween decorating ideas you have share it with us. The invitation is at the BELOW

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This page has evolved into more than just Halloween decorating ideas.

Alot of the links on this page have other Holiday Decorations too.

But don't forget about all of the fun and custom Halloween decorating ideas that can be found on this page too!




Have A Great Story About Halloween Decorating Ideas you would like to share?

Do you have a great story about Your Halloween Decorating Ideas? Share it! Add pictures and tell us all about it.

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No I don't do anything crazy, but I do love to decorate for Halloween and occasionally I have a Halloween party.

Read on to find helpful Halloween decorating ideas that are sure to make this Halloween more memorable and fun for all.

Improve your home and garden for the most fun time of year!

(Ok this might not be such an important home improvement, but it is certainly alot of fun).

Halloween is an opportunity to look your worst and be proud of it!

I want to pass on some of my favorite Halloween decorating ideas to you now, so you will have enough time to get a " Jump" on it.

I always use my regular fall decorations along with my Halloween decorations.

Make sure to remove all Halloween decorating items promptly after Halloween or it looks very tacky!

Sometimes I take my Halloween decorations down late Halloween night or no later than the next morning. Wait until the next morning if you have a party.

Do your Halloween decorating a few weeks before Halloween to have time to enjoy it. This will also give you an opportunity to fix any problems such as lighting directions etc, before Halloween.

Get Fall Decorating Ideas here, they can blend with your Halloween Decor

See my article on seasonal decorating ideas for more fall decorating ideas. Add Halloween Decorations to your Seasonal Decor, get more details here

SpiritHalloween Click here to see Halloween decorations from my photo album, this should inspire some more halloween decorating ideas for you. So, I suggest buying gourds and pumpkins for the fall season, usually mid to late September, after the weather starts to cool down.

Warm temperatures will cause the pumpkins and gourds to rot quickly. This summer wasa very hot one so buying in early October would be smart.

So buy your fall decoration a little later and use your gourds and pumpkins thru Thanksgiving. Be thinking about how you can use them in your Halloween decorating ideas as you purchase them.

For an unusual look choose gourds and pumpkins that have warts or bumps on them. The bumps make the pumpkins and gourds look old, and creepy.

They can be found at specialty farms or farmers markets.

I always get my gourds and pumpkins at a local orchard. They are alot fresher and it is fun to pick out the perfect "unsual ones" from their huge selection.

Place the pumpkins and gourds in areas of your front yard landscaping that will show up best. Group them together for the best effect.

After Halloween you can rearrange them for a different look.

Carving pumkins is fun, but if you want the pumpkins to last alot longer draw faces on them with black permanent marker and place spotlights on them.

The pumpkins will have the look of being carved but you can turn them around and keep using them until Thanksgiving this way.

IF you do choose to Carve the Pumpkins, Do Something Interesting!

Place candles inside the carved pumpkin for night time so they glow. I like to place a plastic knife or other tool around the pumpkin to make it appear like it was just carved by that weapon.

Place pumpkins in the laps of scary creatures, If you have carved the pumpkin. Place a piece of pumpkin in the gowls hand or mouth like it is attacking the pumpkin.

You may be able to tell that I like for Halloween decorations to be a little scary. I think that is more fun for trick or treaters too. Especially as they get older.

After all we can use cute decorations for other holidays, such as Easter. Go ahead and make Halloween fun, make it scary.

Visit local party stores and look at displays for some cool halloween decorating ideas.

Go ahead and make Halloween fun, make it scary

IF you live in an area that gets alot of Halloween trick or treaters, place lots of Halloween decorations outside in your front yard landscape to get the kids in the Halloween mood.

I am always thrilled when the weather is nice for Halloween. And so far it has been very mild on Halloween for years, here in Lexington Kentucky.

I stand outside and give out treats to the kids and get to see their reaction to my outdoor Halloween decorations. And to see their reaction to my subtle but outrageous Halloween costume.

This is one of my favorite Halloween decorating ideas-

I wear a costume wrap on my arm, or leg that has exposed broken bones and blood and tissue showing. It looks very real. Some of the younger trick or treaters are horrified.

I get asked " what happened to you?" I just make up things like, humm I don't know, it's halloween I woke up that way this morning. Or yesterday was my birthday, I'm gettin old I guess, can't remember.

(My birthday really is the day before halloween). My bones may be getting easier to break but I'm still young at heart, especially at Halloween!

Costumes for Halloween

Lighting is very important in your Halloween decorating.

Spotlights placed to shine in specific areas gives the best effect. You don't want bright lights, that takes away from the spooky effect.

Shine your lights on your favorite creatures to make them focal points within your Halloween decorations.

Creepy music for Halloween night is a must. Either place a speaker outside or have the stereo going in a parked car. Or place a boom box behind the landscaping.

The music should be heard, but the equipment providing the music should not be seen. Turn it up loud enough so the trick or treaters hear it. But not so loud as to irritate the close neighbors.

If you have a glass storm door place a see thru plastic creature on the door. This is a sheet of plastic. Tape it on the inside of the door, so the weather won't damage it.

Use low lights inside, with your front door open so the effect is better.

Adding fog is a dramatic Halloween decorating idea. Hide the fog machine in the landscape somewhere within easy reach. I love to fog up the yard. It looks errie.

Don't use a fog machine indoors without proper ventilation.

It would not be safe to breath in the fumes from the fog machine. You could place a machine near an open window for a a foggy effect coming from the house. Just always be safe.

Here are a few more Halloween photos just added! The next several photos are from my halloween decorations this year.

The photos were taken after dark for added drama!

The skeletal spider is hanging over the arbor which is the entry into my walk. Everyone has to go under him to get up the walkway.

This time the pirate has captured a pair of heads. He is hanging from the tree, behind the DEAD END cemetry.

You will notice I used the same creatures, just changed their locations and accessories. You can do the same thing without buying new items each year.

Look the photo on the left over carefully. See the bloody leg! Yeah I know it is just plain GROSS!

All the more fun with the kids on halloween.

The Garden Skeleton in the photo on the right is working in some mums. He is trying to scare up some blooms. I placed him next to the walk.

This year the creature (photo below left)is chewing in his spider necklace! He is hanging from the tree behind the graveyard.

See more halloween photos on the new Halloween Costumes page

You can also Customize your Halloween Decorations to make a common item unique.

Customizing your Halloween Decorations is highly recommended. But, there is no need to spend lots of money to have something unlike others.

Use these simple Halloween decorating ideas to customize you decorations on a budget.

I have used glow in the dark paint on items so they glow in the dark... This is perfect for skulls and bones.

I also have spray painted red paint to look like blood. Spray in on thick so it runs for a better bloody effect.

This Halloween decorating idea also works great on skeletons, and other creatures. Spray " blood" dripping from the mouth of a favorite gowl.

You can achieve this look with red spray paint.

Hang scary signs on your door, or on a shepherds hook in your yard. The more you have areas for hanging signs the better. Such as fences, posts, etc.

No need to spend alot of money to have something unlike others.

I have a pirate in my Halloween decorations. When I purchased it, It was just the upper body.

I customized the pirate by placing a handmade cape around his neck made from inexpensive red burlap fabric. I cut lots of ridges in the cape to make it look old .

I hang him on a shepherds hook so he is tall and creepy looking. The red burlap fabric was cheap and is perfect to customize the pirate. See Picture.

Place your large scary creatures on double shepherds hooks so the wind makes their clothes blow . Attach the gowl to the shepherds hook with string or wire.

I have 2 large gowls, one has a ragged white cape. I place him over the top of the shepherds hooks and let his clothes blow in the wind.

I put broken artificial chain in the hands and mouth. He looks like he just ripped the chain apart. Sometimes I hang a headless skeleton from his hand. He looks ruthless.

He also sits up great when placed over a metal obelisk I have in a planter.

Move your Halloween decorations around from year to year to create differnt looks.

Everyone needs a front yard graveyard, for Halloween

The following Halloween decorating ideas are a little creepy, but they are all in good fun. These ideas and pictures are meant to inspire you.

Get creative and think outside the box with your Halloween decorating ideas.

Place the tombstones upright. Most Halloween headstones are made out of styrofoam. They are very light weight and blow over unless you stabilize them.

To stabilize your tombstones use wire, push it thought the tombstone (make 2 holes in the tombstone with the wire) use a wooden or metal stick about 3 ft tall centered behind the tombstone.

Take a hammer and drive the stick into the ground several inches. Wrap the wire around the stick. Your tombstone won't blow over.

As another Halloween decorating idea - I like to have smaller gowls creeping around the tombstones. Place them on top of the tombstones.

Use at least 3 or 4 tombstones to get the right graveyard effect. If you have more space for a graveyard adding more graveyard effects is fine.

Place artificial bones in front of your tombstones. Place straw or leaves in the graveyard area. Put the bones on top of the straw or leaves. It looks like the dead people are coming out of the ground.

A few artifiical body parts poking out from under bushes always gets noticed. I spray red paint on them to customize them to make them look more lifelike and make them look like they are bleeding.

If you have trees in your yard- hang spiders ( use white spider web material for a realistic looking web).

Place spiders and webs on outdoor lanterns and bushes. Use spotlights to shine on them at night.

Hang scary signs on your front door, or on a shepherds hook in your yard. The more areas you have for hanging signs the better. Use areas such as fences, posts, etc.

You can purchase Halloween Signs from my other website I make the signs myself out of antique Kentucky Barnwood that my husband and I reclaimed.

Halloween Signs are only part of the Scrappy Signs Collection. Other signs are also available. The link is on the Happy Halloween picture below.

Click on the picture of the Happy halloween sign for more Halloween decorating ideas.

Most of all have fun with your Halloween Decorations

Children Love to Get involved with the Fun of Decorating for Halloween!

I have seen children lie down in my yard and have their pictures taken while they lay in the graveyard. (while trick or treating in their Halloween costumes).

I take it as a compliment when total strangers take photos of their kids in my yard surrounded by my Halloween decor.

I love it when I get told by older kids that I have the best decorations they have seen. I also enjoy it when parents get inspired by my Halloween decorating ideas.

Make sure to take lots of pictures of your Halloween decorations in daylight and nighttime. This makes for fun memories and also helps you to remember what you did from one year to the next.

It will aid you in your future Halloween decorating ideas and in deciding if you want to repeat a certain look again. I always do something a little different each year . Although I use many of the same Halloween decorations repeatedly.

Several years ago my daughter told me one time that it was expected- I would be decorating for Halloween.

So everyone on our street that we lived on at the time knew to expect something outrageous at our house.

We had 2 great Halloween parties during the 3 years while we lived there, we invited neighbors, the kids friends, our friends. The turnout was great. And we had a blast.

Each year our Halloween decorating ideas expanded.

We had a large front yard on a corner street. ( A DEADEND Street, old tall house, perfect for having a block party for Halloween. the house had a big covered front porch, great for decorating.

We even used the attic in this house as a place to SCARE people.

Party guests were blindfolded, lead up the stairway, told an outrageous story, felt sticky slimy BODY parts and did lots of screaming. They stood in line to keep going back! GO Figure.

The body parts mentioned above were made from food....make a heart out of grapes in water in ziplock bags,(double the bags) put it in the fridge to make it cold. Toss the cold slimy heart in a blindfolded guests lap as the story of a dissected organ donor begins and the screams get loud. Lots of fun!

Cook pasta, and use canned fruit slices(mandarin oranges work good) sardines smell awful so they are perfect. You get the picture. It is really gross. Which makes it all the more fun.

Kids will be volunteering to help in the fun. (Have them go first as blindfolded guests so they get to enjoy the experience).

Another great Halloween party decorating idea- place a centerpiece on the table made from bloody body parts. (Artificial of course) it makes the perfect bloody mess in the center of Halloween themed party food.

Bake a graveyard cake. Use oreo cookies crumbs as dirt. Sandwich cookies upright as tombstones. Red food coloring as blood in the graveyard. Have fun with this one!

I have moved since then, but still continue to collect and display my Halloween decorations each year.

My one regret is I did not take pictures of my Halloween decorations back then, and I had nothing to help me with my Halloween decorating ideas when I moved.

Get your children involved - they can come up with some spooky Halloween decorating ideas! Doing so also makes some great family memories.

I do alot of Halloween decorating inside, (when I have a Halloween party) but my primary focus is always outdoors to be seen by everyone.

I'm sure some of my neighbors know this is my favorite time of year. I do have more creepy items in my yard than anyone else close by.

Have fun with your Halloween decorating and enjoy the reaction your will receive from your visitors.

Store your Halloween decorations in plastic storage containers to prevent damage. Label them correctly. Place them in a mild climate area.

Avoid to much heat such as attics if you have candles or glued or styrofoam items. I store all of my holiday decoration under my stairway. The temperature is always mild.

The photo of the severed limb is made more realistic looking by adding fake blood to the foot.

This is done with red spray paint.

Spray the red paint on thick so it runs.

Kinda gross looking isn't it? Yeah, That is the whole idea!

The photo below shows the same gowl that was pictured earlier biting the chain.

In this photo he is hanging from a double shephards hook.

Notice the severed head in his hand. That halloween decorating idea adds special custom touch.


Get even more Halloween Decorating Ideas on the new Halloween Costumes page!

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