When Less is More, We gain so much in return

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When you realize that less is more, and that you can live on less, life with less, and actually have more, you will in effect be relieving stress, making a better living environment, and have a more efficient home.

This is really a great way to improve you home while improving your life too.

Look around, are you sitting at the computer, surrounded by stuff?

Would you love to just start over and have more room to move around in your home?

Unless you live in a huge house, we do tend to over do it, and clutter our homes to the point that we have to get rid of items in order to maintain good order in our homes.

I am very guilty of this myself.

What about you?

Lots of life events can cause us to suddenly have to much home decor in our homes. Downsizing to a smaller home, 2 households becoming one, inheriting furniture, and simply over buying.

I have experienced all of these over the years.

Most recent was the combination of buying to much stuff, 2 households becoming one and inheriting furniture.

But, my husband and I have come to the conclusion that having more freedom to move freely with good traffic flows is more important than having more furrniture and home decor than we actually need.

Over the past year we have sold several big furniture items and are enjoying how much more we have gained in uncluttered square footage in the house.

When it comes to overbuying...it is only a good deal if we have a real need or use for it. Just because it is good looking in the store does not mean that it will be great in our homes. And when you have to many good looking items together..well...to much is simply to much. When you look around, can you see any wall space, all the way to the floor? Or is every available inch covered by some type of home decor or furniture?

There is hope....you don't have to feel like you are stuck with all those things....turn them into cash!

Cash takes up alot less space than bulky items!

So less is more when you have more room, and less stuff. And when you have more money and less clutter...it is a win win Situation.

Less is more when you declutter find out more here

A Sale is only a good deal when we have a need for an item

What do I mean by Over buying?

When I worked at the furniture store I bought alot of Furniture and home decor. I got a nice employee discount and at first I needed some things.

Then My husband and I combined households and we had to many items to make a functional household. I gave furniture and decor etc to my children. That is one way of getting rid of unneeded items.

But I bought more, for the new house and before we knew it we were full to the point of wanting to get rid of items.

Advertise your unwanted furniture items on this website

So, I have now added a way to sell unwanted furniture items on this site.

I have sold a bar w/ 4 stools and a chaise lounge by advertising them here. You can too.

Get all of the details on how to sell you furniture here. After selling the furniture we are now able to remodel our kitchen and open it up to the dining room. I am so thrilled with the results. Having a more open floor plan is going to make our home much easier to entertain in too.

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but the furniture that was in the area made the remodeling impossible. Now less is more... I have less furntire but I have a much better functioning traffic flow.

We are going to replace the bar with a gathering table for the dining room. This will be a much better arrangement with the open kitchen.

So there is another benefit to selling the unwanted furniture.

Less is more here, have less walls but more access to the dining room from the kitchen. It is a good trade off.

Make the most of your basement space

Something else that makes a huge difference in opening up your floorspace is maximizing the use of your basement By making usable living space there. We have remodeled our basement and added a new home office, that I work from which is open to our new family room. We also completely renovated and relocated our Laundry room during the renovations.

This made our home feel bigger without actually adding on to it.

We still have plans for the addition of a full bath in the basement next to the office. That will be great, because now that we have made these changes we spend so much time in our basement.

Less is more here, less trips up and down stairs, with more convenience of a closer bathroom, right off of the office and garage.

The bathroom is going to be handicap accessible. Just in case it is needed.

And I have one more suggestion for maximizing your space. This time it is about making the most out of the use of your attic space.

Use your Attic for Storage

By adding attic steps to be able to get to your attic and doing some work adding flooring and lighting you can free up your closets and garage from lots of items that are taking up valuable space. Again, less is more here. You see less clutter and get more space.

We added attic steps for easier access to our attic and were able to store our seasonal decorations, travel items and more in the attic instead of under a stairway closet.

Now we can use the closet space for other items, such as pet foods, magazines, supplies for the office and much more. It really is amazing the amount of items that can go out of the way and out of site when you use your attic for storage.

Having good traffic flow is very important to having a successful interior design.

Try some of these suggestions and see what I mean when I say less is more!

One more Example

I can give you one more example of Less is More.

Working for yourself is less stressful and more rewarding than working for someone else. Find out how you can do this too - at the Solo Build It banner link below.