Spring Cleaning Tips, that will make You Glad

that You Rolled up Your Sleeves and Got it Done!

I want to share some of my Spring Cleaning Tips, that might make you feel more in the mood to go ahead and get it done now .Here is some help-.A simple approach to Spring Cleaning! Find all the tools of the trade at Organize.com!

Do you hate a cluttered house? Does the thought of it make you dread spending time at home knowing that your house has been trashed by everyone that lives there while you have been working?

I know the feeling and fully understand.

Sometimes it is easier to tackle the task of spring cleaning in segments. More than likely if your the typical homeowner, your house gets over used during the winter months when everyone is spending more time indoors.

When my kids were growing up and everyone was living in the same house it could get cluttered and dirty very quickly. Now is it my husband and I and our 6 furballs to clean up after. (Believe me those 6 furballs make up for the lack of kids sometimes)!

Since our home has been under construction more than the average home we have a tendency to have to clean up after ourselves for more reasons that just normal maintenance. Construction creates dust. Lots of Dust!

If you have pets you can really enjoy the benefits of opening your windows on nice days. The breeze of fresh Spring air is wonderful.

One thing I cannot stand is a foul smell inside the house. I have a very sensitive nose for these things. And bad smells have to be eliminated quickly.

Let's get into some details -

Spring Cleaning is a great opportunity to discard items that are taking up space but not really being used enough to be considered needed any longer. Get rig of them.

Find out more tips on decluttering here. When you start your spring cleaning, start in one room. And start at the top of the room. Take a good look at the room.

If it has been a while since you have done a good cleaning, dust off the ceiling, clean light fixtures, wipe down the walls, clean the baseboards. This type of cleaning removes dust and cobwebs.

Clean your light switches, doors and door knobs too. This gets rid of alot of germs that accumulate on these high traffic areas. You will be amazed how much dust and dirt can hide in these areas.

Make sure you use a good cleanser. Never mix cleansers together. That is toxic and can be deadly.

Take the window treatments down, (drapes, curtains, valances, sheers etc). If they are not stained, put them in your dryer on air and freshen them up to remove hair, lint, dust etc. They can really get nasty, if left undone.

If your window treatments need cleaning get them cleaned professionally or follow washing instructions. Clean the windows. Taking the time to do this step makes for a better job overall. And you will feel like your home is really clean.

And that is what these spring cleaning tips are for, - to help you while you improve your home.

Go through you closets and discard any clothing and shoes and accessories that are no longer worn - for whatever reason. Get it out of there. Make more room for the items you do wear. If you feel that you must keep the unused items store them out of your way, somewhere protected, but not in your living space. Consider your attic as the solution.

We opened up access to our attic, and it is amazing what we have removed from our living space. It really makes our home feel larger. Get attic storage ideas here.

Examine for cosmetic damage in the room

While you are in the throws of cleaning, look at your ceiling, walls, baseboards etc.

After they have been cleaned do they still look drab? This might be the time to update with a fresh coat of paint in the room.

Or maybe the white walls are simply boring and you would like a change, something to brighten up the space for the warmer months.

Decorating with Color is a simple way to update a room. It is also an inexpensive solution.

Maybe you need some new accessories to update. Check out our Home and Garden Store for all types of home decor items.

And one of the most fun things about getting the spring cleaning finished is getting to do some Seasonal Decorating. As you are doing your spring cleaning, pack away the winter items and bring out the lighter spring items. You will get more details when you go to the seasonal decorating page.

Wash or steam clean your area rugs to remove dirt and stains. Clean any bedding such as comforters or blankets, and quilts. Pack away heavy bedding until fall.

Rearrange accessories from one room to another. This makes your decor look new without spending alot of money.

And if you still feel that you are cramped, get rid of some more unneeded items and make more room in your home.

We recently sold some large scaled furniture to make room to remove a wall from our kitchen to open it up to the dining room and the result is amazing!


Having Less stuff makes for a more functional home We are thrilled with the results of our Kitchen Remodel. And as we were finishing up the project we decided to have less clutter on the countertops so we could enjoy the view of the new backsplash we installed in the kitchen. The whole area feels larger.

And all of this is getting done just in time for spring.

Because when the weather gets nice, I'm outside in my gardens. Doing what I love to do most.

Follow these spring cleaning tips and you will have less mess while you are cleaning, and you will see results from room to room faster.

Good luck with your spring cleaning. I hope these spring cleaning tips help you, share them with a friend!

Another tip, get everyone in the household in on the project. It is a good learning experience for the kids, and you deserve the help.


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