Here are some Safety Suggestions while Doing DIY Home Improvements-

This page focuses on several safety suggestions that should be taken seriously before you start any home improvement project yourself.

Saftey first - is always a good policy!

We all have 12 months of the year - but depending on you location you live in- you may have several colds months and several hot months.

Do indoor home improvements projects during the months it is extremely hot and cold outdoors.

Do outdoor improvements during the mild months in the spring and fall.

When you follow this plan you will be excited to start your outdoor improvements as soon as weather permits. And ready to get started again inside as bad weather arrives.

Plan your worktime- Don't work outside in the hottest part of the day, it makes the task much harder. Take breaks as needed - eat, drink plenty of water, rest.

Depending on your available spare time do as much as you can outside early in the morning or in the evenings to avoid over heating.

Getting to hot is dangerous, be safe first.

Do inside projects during extreme cold weather.

Know your skill limits and ask for help when needed. Always let someone know you are working with power tools or ladders.

These precautions may take a few minutes to prepare correctly, but in the long run it is much better than trips to the emergency room!


Wear proper work clothing (including shoes- never sandals). Use sturdy work gloves to protect your hands.

Wear ear plugs (when using loud equipment), and wear a mask so you won't breathe in toxins or particles from sawing, cutting, sanding etc.

Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes as needed.

Follow these guidelines for a more stress free home improvement project

Expect the unexpected when calculating your budget, allow for a few surprises or changes along the way. (Afterall, as humans we are subject to change our minds).

Think through the details of the job, including how to dispose of old materials and hazardous substances, such as glass, chemicals etc.

Reuse and recycle (think GREEN) why throw away anything that can be salvaged? This is a way to save money and avoid waste. You might even sell something left from a project.

When landscaping keep in mind the trees and bushes you plant now will grow over time and expand to take up more room, so allow for growth. Don't overcrowd your plants.

Some plants are poisonous, remember pets and children when selecting your landscaping.

Use the proper tools for the job, know the cost to purchase, or rent them.

Know and follow any state building codes.

Get all permits that are required for the job you are doing. Expect visits from building inspectors during certain stages of the job.

If you must hire a contractor, get references, look at the proof of insurance. Also check with the BBB.

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