Backyard Projects that will Inspire You to

Make Better Use of Your Outdoor Space

So many backyard projects to do, so little time! That is how we feel, you may feel the same way too.

Look this page over to find links to lots of projects we have done ourselves to our won backyard.

And also links to great ideas for the future for our backyard and yours!

You will find 10 links on this page, to various projects perfect for backyards. All projects are detailed in this website.

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The photo below shows the raised bed garden fence under construction. That is just one of our now completed backyard projects that this page features.

Read on to find out more.

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We have probably done more than our share of backyard projects over the past few years. My husband had already started several before we met.

I am going to touch on some of our backyard projects on this page. I will then get into more details about those projects as needed on separate pages.

There are way to many projects to be able to give good details on one web page.

Build Landscape Walls

The picture below shows a large wall built out of wall pavers. Terry started this wall before I met him. This is one of several landscape walls we have now.

After we got together the project proceeded, but with a very different ending than he had started out to build.

Read about building Landscape Walls in your backyard here

Add a Secret Garden to your Backyard

Notice the back fence in the picture above. You would not recognize it today. That fence cannot even been seen during summer months now.

We dislike the view beyond the privacy fence so much it inspired us to add more backyard privacy there.

That turned into an even bigger backyard project. We turned the entire area into a secret garden.

Here are a few links to give you some ideas-

The first link is a great project, build a secret garden that also provides more backyard privacy.

Build a Secret Garden in your Backyard

Build a Natural Stone Patio

Inside our secret garden area we added a natural stone patio .

The price was certainly right on this project! Check out the details to that project at the link below.

Find out how you can build a natural stone patio , like ours for under $100.00

Move a Garden Shed

We are going to build a new garden shed this year. But before we can build it we have to move our old shed. Get the details on how we did it. You will be surprised. I know I was!

See details on how to move a garden shed!

Extend your Outdoor Season with a Built in Outdoor Fire pit

This backyard project is a great way to extend your outdoor season. When there is a chill in the a backyard fire pit !

Build a Fire pit in your backyard like we did! Click here to find out how.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Another great project is an outdoor kitchen, you should get years of enjoyment in a quality outdoor kitchen, built into your backyard living space. Look here to get inspired and to determine what your needs are.

We don't have one yet, but an outdoor kitchen is in our future plans. I have been doing my homework!

We recently removed an old unused hot tub from our patio. The outdoor kitchen we intend to build will eventually will probably go in its place.

If you have an outdated eyesore that you no longer use. Put if on Craigslist. We had about 50 calls in one day about the hottub. We gave it away to the first person that had something to haul it on.

We never had to touch it. Remove your Craigslist ad as soon as the item is gone to avoid more calls.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen in your Backyard

Build a Raised Bed Garden out of Recycled Materials

The next project is a definite benefit to your backyard.

Add a raised bed garden to grow vegetables and flowers, or even fruit.

Check out the raised bed garden we built here. Our garden even has raised planters for flowers built in to the project.

Build a Raised Bed Garden in your Backyard

We have added a new curved pathway and several flower beds near the raised bed garden. This is still a work in progress.

Click on the link below to find out more about it.

Next to the Raised Bed Garden we Extended our Fence Line and have made several New Flower Beds. Check those out here!

Get more Backyard Privacy

I mentioned backyard privacy earlier, check out the page on backyard privacy ideas below.

backyard privacy is very important. If you feel like you are being watched by strangers passing by it can make you feel uncomfortable.

Get ideas from our backyard privacy projects at the link below.

Of all the backyard projects mentioned earlier, this could be the most important.

Build a Pergola - This Backyard Project Plays Two Roles

Find out how to build a pergola, using barnwood, or whatever wood you have available.

Our pergola project I am referring to with be a sturdy support for our fast growing wisteria vine.

It will also be a place we can hang our porch swing and enjoy the view of our flower gardens and our secret garden..

See the photo below and then-

Check it out below at the link below!

Learn how to build a pergola that does double duty!

Tell us what you think about these backyard projects. click on the link below to leave your comments

Post your Comments about backyard projects here

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