Checkout these Start Your Own Business Books, that will Inspire and Educate YOU on the Right Way to turn YOUR Craft, Hobby or Passion into a Real Business!

Turn your Hobby, Craft, Or Passion into a real business.

This page is devoted to information designed to help you what you love and make money doing it!

I turned my love for Home Improvements and Gardening into a

Real business with SBI.

Look these books over, fine turn your craft and turn it into a real business. IF you decide you want to

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The Start Your Own Business books are below. Get comfortable, you have some good reading to do!

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Craft Business Books


Your Home Craft Business

Sell Your Crafts Using The Techniques In This EBook

Start a Home Craft Business

Do You Know That You Can Earn a Great Income Doing Something That You Absolutely Love? You can join the thousands of people that have started their own fun, profitable home craft business.Click Here!

People all over the world are making great money from art and crafts that they create.


Buy and Sell Antiques for Fun &Profit

Discover a 100% Fool-Proof, Can't Fail, No B.s., Step-By-Step System for Earning Big Money with AntiquesClick Here!

Here’s some more of what you will learn by reading this fascinating ebook:

How to become great at buying and selling antiques – to accomplish this you need to become an expert in three areas, find out what they are and exactly how to do it here!

The history of buying and selling antiques and how you can avoid making the same costly mistakes that have been made in the past – this information could save you from tons of frustration and needless expense!

3 ways the Internet helps buyers and sellers of antiques – and how you can make sure you are taking maximum advantage of the benefits the Internet provides!

How to quickly and easily spot valuable antiques – learn this and you’ll put yourself on the fast track to wealth!

The four major sources for discovering antiques offline and how to gain a competitive advantage over other collectors with each source – follow these tips and you’ll always have first pick of the most valuable antiques being offered!

How to attend auctions with confidence – auctions can be intimidating … here I’ve included 16 tips that you can use to turn any auction into a fun – and yes, very profitable – event!

How to spot a fake – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow these simple tips!

Seven steps for successful buying – use these simple to follow steps and ensure you always buy the right piece at the right price!

How to be a safe seller and a smart buyer online – while the Internet has allowed people worldwide to bid on and buy antiques they normally would never know about, it has also created a world of opportunity for scam artists … find out here how to ensure you are never conned out of your hard-earned money!

9 types of antiques that you should always be on the look out for – these items are all quick buys and easy sells … which means big profits for you with very little time and effort!

The biggest mistake people make when pricing an antique to sell – and how to easily avoid making it yourself!

How to immediately know if you are overbidding or underselling – you’ll simply be amazed by what you read here!

And much, much more! Click Here!


Cake Decorating Business Secrets

Professional Cake Decorator Reveals Secrets To Generating A 6-Figure Income From A Simple Home-Based Cake Decorating Business

Cash In On A Million Dollar Empire By Creating Your Home Based Cake Decorating Business, Quickly - Easily, Guaranteed!

"Professional Cake Decorator Reveals Her Secrets To Generating A 6-Figure Income From A Simple Home-Based Cake Decorating Business!"

Click Here!


Starting a Cut Out Greeting Cards Business

Starting a Cut Out Greeting Cards Business

Starting a Cut Out Greeting Cards Business
Click here!

Title- Starting a Cut Out Greeting Card BusinessClick Here! For full details!

You don't have to struggle to find a job anymore! As soon as tomorrow you can start your own Successful Greeting Card Business ... You will learn everything you need to know about Cut Out Greeting Cards and how to start and run a profitable business.


Flower Pressing Secrets

Flower Pressing Secrets

How to Press Flowers for fun and profitClick Here! For Full Details

Pressing flowers is fun! Flower pressing is a fascinating and delightful hobby. You'll be amazed to see how quickly you can get started.

You don't even have to be very artistic. The flowers do it all for you! And it's so quick and easy to learn.

You can also turn your flower pressing craft into a small business that you can run from home.

You don't need expensive tools and equipment. They are easy to acquire and if you like, you can make most of them yourself.


Gardening, Growing Plants of all types


How To Create a Business, From Growing and Selling Plants

I am all about Working from Home and Owning My Own Business.

You may have noticed that I encourage everyone to do what they love to do, LIKE I DO, and make money at it, when I get a chance.

Click on any SBI Link on this site for full details

Right Now SBI 90 day free trial Promotion so you can't lose.

Check out the details on the Work for Yourself page This informative ebook gives you full details on starting a plant business! It is titled- How To Create a Business, From Growing and Selling Plants

Look it over and see what you think!

I love working with plants, if you decide you want to start this type Of business, I can set you up with Flower Seeds from the Rented Mule Home and Garden Here is more info about this book, for the great price it is selling for your really can't go wrong.

Your Gardening Hobby Can Earn $4000/Month.

R.h.s. Medal Winning Plantsman Reveals His Amazing Ways.

Click Here!for all of the Details.


Service Business Books, Pet Sitting, Dog Breeding


How to make $250 a day Pet Sitting


How to make $250 a day Pet Sitting

Let me tell you about your best chance for starting an easy-to-run business that combines your love of animals, with the fact that more and more people are far too busy to do the things that they once had time to do.Click Here! For Full Details

Every day, millions of people around the world are struggling with long work hours, business and personal trips, home repair chores, grocery shopping and hundreds of other issues that suck up their free time like dirt through a vacuum cleaner.

*We are fortunate enough to be able to work at home with our pets with us each day. You can to, with a home business.

The thought of leaving my pets in a crate all day is just not acceptable. As I write this page one of my kittens(Tigger) is sleeping on a tiny pillow placed on my desk in front of the monitor.

The other one (Taz) is in the other office chair. That is the way I like it! They seem happy about it too!

See Pet behavior and Dog training Ebooks at the bottom of our Pet Photos Page. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Guide to Dog Breeding Business eBook

Guide to Dog Breeding Business eBook

Discover the (28) Secrets to Making Money in the Dog Breeding Business Dog lovers, you can have fun raising puppies and provide additional income for your family at the same time! You can make great money part time or full time breeding dogs.

Click Here! To Make money by breeding dogs and working at home. Discover the secrets to a responsible and profitable dog breeding business.


When You want a REAL Business Online, Make Sure that You Check out SBI. That is what I did! This is an SBI Site!

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Dreaming of working for yourself?

Do you wonder how others are doing it?

I want to inspire you, the way I was inspired when I learned about SBI.

ARE you holding yourself back - because you feel that you don't know where, or how, to get started on the road to self employment?

Start living YOUR dream today. Read on, to find out how you can work for yourself and experience the " SELF EMPLOYMENT IS SELF EMPOWERING" feeling that I have.

Learn from SBI like I have done.

If you are wanting to have an online business that YOU - CAN DO YOURSELF, so you can work from home, consider this.

Make a site that is all about a subject you are knowledgeable about,or passionate about, like I have done.

See the case studies of SBI owners that have successful web businesses.My passion is home and garden improvements. I love working on my home. And,I am my happiest in my garden.

I have enough experience regarding home improvements, decorating and landscaping - through my real life experiences over the years, to consider myself knowledgeable enough to inspire others to improve their homes too.

I get compliments on my home and landscaping. That helps build confidence.

I also have confidence in my abilities. I KNOW that I can do it. I bet you do too. After all you are probably a DIYer like me, if you are looking at this site!

My work history is also in home related sales, so the background is set.

What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What do you get compliements on, or asked by others - How did YOU do that?

Think about it, I bet you have a hidden gem (a skill) that you are not even thinking about.

SBI can help you find it. They have the Brainstorming tools needed to get you moving in the right direction, on your way to owning a REAL online business that is profitable.

With SBI I was able to figure out the perfect business that makes work fun. Because I now love what I am doing. Read more about me, and get my story.

I have had a great time developing this website with the help of SBI.

I supply the drive and motivation, and SBI supplies ALL of the technical necessities.

And they do All of that for less than $1.00 a day! SBI is an amazing value!

And now I have a wonderful site that I am proud to share with my DIY visitors.

Check out SBI for yourself today - while they have a free trial offer.

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