Here's Some Ideas for Great Weekend Projects to Update YOUR Home and Garden & Yourself!

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Try doing some weekend projects if your home needs updating, and you are thinking when do I have time to get the updates done?

Doing weekend projects provides you with a great way to dive into a project and get it over with before you go back to your other job.

And sometimes a big home improvement job does not seem as overwhelming when you break it into smaller segments such as doing it as weekend projects.

This page is filled with links to other pages on this site that are examples of projects that could be done in a weekend.

Below are a several examples of projects that we have done both inside and outside of our home that could be done in a weekend.

And keep in mind occasionally we used to get 3 days weekends off from work and some holidays.(this was mainly my husband, I worked at least some on all weekends when I was in retail)unless I was able to take vacation time.

I say "used to" because now I am self employed, with my own web business so my weekend can be anytime I want now, and my husband has retired due to work related health problems.

But, when I worked in retail, I never got a full weekend off, so my 2 days in a row fluctuated each week. My husband had actual weekends off and holidays. I got a few holidays off. Geez, thinking back I sure don't miss those days at all.

Anyway, back to the topic of weekend projects.

Depending on what time of year it is, and what needs the most attention here are some suggestions.


Suggestions for Weekend projects that you can do yourself!

Take a look at your Front door. Is it looking a little worn? You can give it a new coat of paint and maybe some new hardware and freshen it up alot.

While you are near the front door, look at your outdoor lighting.

Clearance Lighting and Lamps

Make sure that you outdoor lights are in good working order.Installing new lighting could easily be a weekend project with spare time left over for more tasks such as improving your curb appeal And when you start to improve your curb appeal you will probably see some front yard landscaping that could use some work. Especially in the spring and in the fall.

You may even go as far as to remove an overgrown tree to open up your yard and your view.

You may decide to add some new landscape decor to your landscaping too. Another weekend project that really updates your landscaping is to add Stone borders around your landscape.

Go shopping at area peddlers malls and outdoor flea markets to find some great "old items" to your cottage gardens

Make sure you are prepared for the work in the flower gardens with this Picnic & Beyond Garden Tools Carry Bag with Accessories

Keep all of your hand tools for gardening in this handy container. This is neat and organized, just the way you want it to be.

Or your could spend a weekend creating some new Flower gardens in the spring time. Like I did in the area where the tree had been.

You can start new flower gardens out of flower seeds purchased from my private garden. Or you could do what I have done before, and create free gardens by using divisions and transplants from your perennial flowers. and mix in some seeds from annuals while you are at it.

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Most of the weekend projects mentioned above require mild weather. And in addition to those you can find alot more outdoor projects here. Such as planting trees and bushes for added backyard privacy.

Or creating a natural stone patio for under $100.00, building some landscape walls, creating outdoor rooms, and building secret gardens, or even building a raised bed garden.

Or What about building a pergola? Oh and don't forget to build a firepit, that is our most popular outdoor project!

So as you can see, if you stick around here very long I can have you turning the page to add to your TO-Do-List! But it is all good because all of these weekend projects improve your home and garden, and increase your pride in ownership too.

When you start getting compliments from strangers about your flower gardens then you will know that the work was worth the effert.

And why not? Afterall as homeowners we invest alot financially and emotionally in our homes. They should reflect our personal style so that we are truly happy in them.

And if this is not enough to get you insprired check out the ebook Directory on this site for a list of helpful information on a variety of projects.

From woodworking, to solar energy, to landscaping, gardening, cooking,and much more.

There is information on decorating, restoring furniture, painting, and more. And it is always changing as I find information that I consider valuable, I add it to this site.

Check out this handy Garden Cart, as a one place for everything place for your garden needs

This garden cart lets you roll all of your garden tools right where you need them. And you can stay organized. Being organized is a huge time saver.

The light, compact cart organizes your tools, with 18 slots for long and medium handled tools and a four compartment weatherproof fabric pouch for smaller hand tools, seed packets, gloves and other garden supplies.

The 150 lb. capacity wire front platform is perfect for hauling fertilizer, potting soil, planters, etc. Corrosion resistant zinc plated steel tubing, with 8" molded heavy duty wheels.

Click on the photo of the garden cart for full details.

More weekend project suggestions for inside the home

But what do you do when the weather is rainy, or cold or to hot?

You can focus on those needed updates inside your home.

A great place to start is to Declutter your home Decluttering is the perfect weekend project in the winter season. You wonder why I say this? Well think about it, we spend much of our "at home time" indoors during winter.

If we have a cluttered home it is so stressful. And life is to short to be stressed out.

We all have to much stuff, it gathers quickly with busy families.

Decluttering and getting rid of un needed items is very important for a functional household.

When we realize that Less is more in many situations Our homes and lives become less stressful.

Another great idea, and belive me - we should have done this along time ago, but we focused on other projects first, is adding good access to your attic.

Adding attic steps and flooring the attic, has been a wonderful stress reliever at our house. We have been able to use closets that were filled with seasonal decorations for other needed purposes and it has also helped with having to many items in our garage.

So creating usuable Attic storage should be moved to the top of your list of weekend projects, when doing inside tasks. It all goes with decluttering and realizing that less is more.

If you are not using it, and it won't fit in the attic steps opening, toss it to the curb! One mans junk is another mans treasure as they say.

By the way, if you really would like to do some renovations, but you cannot possiblly do the work because you have to much furniture in the way of the work area. I have another suggestion.

Sell your unwanted Furniture fast, by advertising it on this site.

I recently sold two beautiful furniture items (that were not being used often) in order to do some kitchen remodeling.

The kitchen remodeling project is bigger than a weekend project, but it could easily be broken into segments. We removed a wall between a dining room and kitchen. That could be one weekend. We had to reroute some electrical too.

Then the backsplash was removed, new one installed, kitchen painted, and a new floor installed. This could be a few weekend projects. It is such a change too, and so worth any letting go of unused furniture.

We used the cash from the furniture that we sold to pay for the project! So, it was even better.

Need more ideas for weekend projects? Ok then here we go again-

Paint something! Decorating with color is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to make a update to your home. Paint a room, or a ceiling, or even restore some old furniture This is a great way to have fun, and great creative too.

Add you can make some great changes in a room by adding crown molding, chair rail molding, wainscotting and more to any room. We did this in bedrooms, our living room, hallway, bathrooms,and dining room and it looks great. We also installed lots of trim in our basement during it's major renovations.

Now a basement remodel is bigger than a weekend project, but so worth the effert.

We totally renovated our basement and now we have a new family room, home office, and laundry room in the space that was in desperate need of major updates.

You can see more details here of our basement remodel project. Just allow plenty of time or break a project like this into a years worth of weekend projects!

But wait! I have more Weekend Projects to share

Since I am self employed and Terry is retired, we have another passion that has taken up some of your weekends.

We go Camping to Relax and enjoy nature. We both love being outdoors, so we are doing some camping with our pets.

I have another web site about camping. Check it out and if you enjoy camping share your camping stories with the world. I have one more suggestion for you. This would be a weekend project that could be live changing.

I challenge you to Click on this link. It won't hurt a bit, But your could fall in love!

It will take you directly to the SBI home page. Take a weekend and read the information about SBI. It could change your life, your work habits, and your lifestyle.

This site is an SBI site, look over the pages that are linked to this page. See what I love to do. Now I make a living doing what I love. You can to!

Good luck with all of your weekend projects and with SBI!