Remove A Pine Tree from your Front Yard Landscaping if it becomes to Large for the Space

See our front yard landscaping change after we removed a pine tree. The tree had outgrown the space it was planted in.

I wrote about front yard landscaping on another page and used this example in a CASE IN POINT at the bottom of the page. This page is going to go into more detail about the tree removal project.

Removing a large tree from your front yard landscaping can be a huge task. It can also be a tough decision to make. Especially if you are a landscape enthusiast. The process is the same regardless of the species of tree you re removing.

This page is designed to show the entire tree removal from our front yard landscaping project, in detail and its happy ending.

These changes took place over a few seasons, it has now been 2 years since we removed the pine tree.

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If you are not familiar with the beginning of the story please go to my article on front yard landscaping for more background

Pine Tree Shrinks House - Story Below!

Thenext photo shows a front yard, with a big round bush, then a pine tree, then on farther in the distance a pear tree.

Notice how small the house looks in the picture? It actually looks looks like a shrunken house! This proves it, A Picture IS worth one thousand words!

The reason for that is- The trees in the front are out of scale for the size of the property and the house.

This picture was taken the day the tree came down. I took the picture standing up the street past my neighbors house.

The round bush is on her property. You cannot tell from this angle but her bush and my pine tree were almost touching at this point and she trimmed the burning bush each year.

The house looks like a doll house from this angle.

The tree is beautiful, but from the street - the house disappears.

As you can see from the picture below.

A Tough Decision, Does it Stay or does it GO?

Like I said earlier the decision to remove a large tree can be tough, we loved the tree but in our efforts to re-do the front yard landscaping our efforts were hard to see from the street, because of the overgrown pine tree.

We had removed all of the large shrubs in front of the house 2 years before and the change was dramatic. It was definitely worth seeing from the street.

As you can see in the above picture the pine tree and the bradford pear tree were almost touching each other.

Since the removal of the pine tree the bradford pear has grown alot so by now the 2 trees would be totally hiding the house.

So the decision was made the pine tree had to GO!

When asked where I lived- I did not want to give directions to my house and describe it as the invisible house on the street!

I bet you get my point-

The view was blocked from inside the house too

This photo shows- the pine tree was the view from inside the house.

That picture was taken in the winter, before it was removed that summer, and yes the tree was beautiful and green, but just to big for the space.

Kinda tugs at my heart strings looking back, but now when I look out my window the view is open and feels much larger.

As I mentioned in my other front yard landscaping article we hired professionals to do the actual tree removal.

They were already trimming trees for our neighbor that day so we took advantage of the opportunity to save money.

(Because they still had room on their truck for more trees) so we had them remove the tree for us.

As a bonus we got to take the tree removal project off of our lengthy -TO DO LIST.

I suggest you do the same. Removing large trees of any type can be very dangerous work. But Do take advantage of opportunities like we did.

Here are a few more pictures of the actual removal process. The pine tree was first trimmed at the bottom about 6 feet up to the point where it could be cut. ( Oh my already the front yard was opening up) YES!

These guys knew what they were doing, by cutting the tree in that exact place they were able to cut it down and have it fall directly where they needed it to go on their truck.

They removed the pine tree and all the debris from it. The professional tree removers had the project done in less than 2 hours.

It would have taken us days to cut the tree, haul it all way by (at the time we did not have a trailer).

So it was definitely best to hire a professional in our situation.

As you can see from the picture below they left with a full truck load - after removing our pine tree. Now the fun part for me- and it can be for you too. This is the happy ending I mentioned before.

After you Remove a Pine Tree from your Front Yard Landscaping, make a flower garden like it did, find our more here

What do I do with my new found space in my front yard?

Possible solutions included-

Buying sod and planting it in the place the tree had been

Or creating a new flower garden

We were getting married in less than 3 months and the wedding was being held in our backyard. The space had to look good.

I thought it over and decided that I did not want more grass.....BORING!

I decided to make a new flower garden in the space. I love color and this would give me an opportunity to have more flowers in bloom for the wedding.

Since we removed the pine tree in late July we decided we did not want to buy flowers for the garden. The garden centers were not at their peak, selection would be picked over.

I had saved seeds from the year before and still had plenty of annual seeds. I decided to clean the area up and plant giant Zinnia seeds in the center and mixed marigolds all around them.

The space was about 12 in diameter so that was alot of seeds. I covered the seeds very lightly with soil and then placed pine straw over them. I watered the area daily.

To my delight I had sprouts growing in 3 days!

The flowers grew fast and were in full bloom long before the wedding. As you can see from the picture below.

The colors were perfect for our fall wedding, lots of oranges, golds, and multi colors. It turned beautiful and casual, just like I wanted.

Click here to view my private garden

After the wedding I decorated the area for fall. The orange marigolds were perfect in the fall display.

The next spring brought on new challenges, being the creative person that I am, I wanted something different than the year before in the space.

I also wanted something that would provide interest in winter months.

The original flower garden did not have a border around it.

See how we changed it up for it's second season.

So the moral to this story is- if you have an overgrown pine tree or any other species of large tree, planted in the wrong place, don't hesitate to remove it.

This will update your front yard landscaping to improve your curb appeal.

You will enjoy the look and feel of your lawn more when you do. And have an opportunity to create something new in the location the tree had been.

Be creative, express your personal style for everyone to see and enjoy. I bet you will get compliments from your neighbors too.