You can have a beautiful Winter Landscape too!

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Follow me as I give you a tour of my winter landscape.

Our winter landscape needs to be nice looking too. So when you are planning your landscape projects during the warmer months keep the winter season in mind.

This photo on the right shows the entrance into our secret garden. This area also helps to provide us with year round backyard privacy from the back of our property. Read all about our secret garden here. In alot of areas in this country we get alot of cold weather and snow during winter months. This past year Kentucky had a very cold and snowy late Fall and early Winter.

This means that our landscape goes dormant during November - March. There is nothing new happening to get our attention in the landscape. So plan ahead with your design.

If you have a good combination of plants and trees, and hardscape items you can still have a nice looking yard even if it covered with snow most of the season.

Evergreens provide needed color, and don't look so dead during winter months. But, alot of trees and bushes loose their leaves after frost kills them for the year.

I am going to share some photos of my winter landscape. These photos were taken in early December 2010.

These photos are during a late fall snow storm. We have had alot of snow this season.

You will notice that I have pergolas, stone borders, pine trees, and lots of wrought iron in my landscape. These items stay out all year. I do carry in alot of small decorative items and store them during winter.

I hope this inspires you to think about your winter landscape as you do your next project.

Enjoy the photos.

The photo above, on the left shows the bushes at the patio that provide privacy and the new Barnwood Pergola that we built Notice the swing hanging from the pergola is covered in snow too. The wisteria vine is dormant for the winter, next to the fence, but should take off again in the spring.

This year it will be attached to the pergola for support instead of the fence.

Notice the wall decor on the fence. The snow always sticks to it and makes it show up.

My flower cart is also next to the fence. It is wrought iron.

These photos are more close up to the pergola and swing and the flower cart.

I love the rustic look of the barnwood pergola in the winter landscape. We will add plants to the base of the pergola in the spring.

Even the privacy gates looks nice in the snow. The black iron hardware blends nice with other wrought iron pieces in the landscape.
This photo shows a Japanese maple tree surrounded by sedum. We left the sedum uncut until spring. It adds interest to the corner of the secret garden. Plus the birds can enjoy the seeds too.

Notice the wall pavers that surround the area. This adds dimension to the area and helps to define it from the yard. Find out more about landscape walls here.

This photo shows the corner of the secret garden. The trees are growing taller to help provide needed backyard privacy to the area. If you look closely you can see the wrought iron arbor in front of 2 plum trees. This is the corner at the large landscape wall in the back yard.

We were married in front of this arbor. We had a fall wedding in our backyard in October 2008.

Moving on around to the other side of the backyard see the wrought iron roosters in the snow. Notice the stump in the background and log in front, along with several large stones, this is the daylily garden that we made last spring.

We enjoy this area much more now, instead of having an unused side yard. It is located between the raised bed garden and the cottage garden in what used to be a side yard.

This iron bench is also placed in the area, across from the daylily garden.

We have made another small

natural stone patio here.

Next you can see the holly bushes at the end of the house. These are the only original bushes left in the landscaping from our front yard landscaping renovation a few years ago. I really like them now that they have grown into a natural shape and are no longer shaped like a ball!

This photo shows our little girl statue that holds a flower basket. She is almost completely covered in snow. She is surrounded by sedum and mums.

These 3 tree stumps are wearing their snow caps! They make for some interesting curb appeal , for sure.

This photo shows the front rose covered arbor covered in snow. Notice the planter with the iron oblisk.

There are 2 of these, one on each side of the walk in the front yard.

The winter landscape tour comes to an end with the photo of the 2 iron trellis' at the other end of the house. Vine grows up these during warm months.

So, for right now all we can do is what the sign on the sleigh says and "Let it snow".

But we can hope for an early spring. I am wanting to get back out in my flower gardens again Because I have plenty of flower seeds to plant and start growing my gardens again!

I hope you have enjoyed the winter landscape garden tour, and have gotten some ideas for your own landscape when you work on your next outdoor project.

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