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These Fab Job guides are great tools to help you with new career directions. If you have read anything about me you know that I work from home and am thrilled to be back working for myself!

I know this is a home improvement site. And I know that working for yourself is not considered a home improvement.

But, I do consider it a life improvement, and since this site is all about projects that inspire you to express your style...I am including resources that will encourage you to go a step farther and really improve yourself.

Working for yourself is a huge improvement over working for someone else, especially if you are not happy with what you are doing and the money is not good enough to make it a lasting career.

Check out these guides from Fab Jobs. I highly recommend them. I have purchased several myself in the decorating field.

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Did you bounce out of bed this morning excited to face the day ahead? Or did the thought of getting up and going to work make you wish you could stay snug in your bed?

If Monday mornings are a low point in your week, or if you dread returning to work after holidays, it may be a sign that it's time for a new career.

Often you know what you want subconsciously before you know it consciously. While you may still be debating whether or not to stay at your job, your subconscious mind may have already decided it's time for you to move on.

Most people who want to quit behave in ways that are noticeably different than employees who are satisfied with their jobs. Try the following quiz to see how many of these "quitting signs" are true for you.

For each statement, note whether it is something you Often, Sometimes, or Never experience. (If a statement doesn't fit, feel free to adapt it to your situation or skip it.)

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Ask yourself these questions to determine if a career change is in your best interest.

1. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

2. I arrive late for work.

3. Once I arrive at work, it takes me a while to actually get started working.

4. I sit at my desk and daydream.

5. I have less patience with customers or co-workers than I used to.

6. I spend time at work doing personal tasks.

7. I look at job websites on the Internet when I'm at work.

8. I get impatient with rules and red tape at work.

9. I take longer breaks than I should.

10. When I have to phone people as part of my job I spend more time chatting than I need to.

11. I feel tired during the workday.

12. I don't bother mentioning concerns to the boss because it's usually a waste of time.

13. If I leave the office during the day, I take my time getting back to work.

14. I do the minimum amount of work required.

15. I check the time throughout the day to see how close to quitting time it is.

16. I feel bored at work.

17. I "kill time" during the day by chatting with co-workers or doing other non-essential tasks.

18. I schedule medical and other personal appointments during working hours.

19. I start getting ready to leave work before quitting time.

20. I am out the door as soon as it is quitting time.

21. On the weekends I look at the job classifieds or surf job sites on the Internet.

22. I have called in sick when I could actually have worked.

23. I complain to my friends about my job.

24. I have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights because I'm thinking about having to go back to work.

25. When I'm on holidays I dread going back to work.

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Give yourself 0 points for each Never answer, 1 point for each Sometimes answer and 2 points for each Often answer then using the following scores as a starting point to measure your level of job satisfaction.

0 to 10 points - Very satisfied

11-20 points - Somewhat satisfied

21-30 points - Somewhat dissatisfied

31-40 points - Very dissatisfied

41-50 points - Why are you still working there?

While a score over 40 is a clear sign of dissatisfaction, even the most satisfied worker is likely to score some points on this quiz. For example, night owls who prefer to sleep late might score a 2 on "I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning" even if they like their job.

Only you can decide whether you are satisfied with your current job -- or whether you'd rather find a new job that makes you look forward to Mondays almost as much as you look forward to the weekend.

Tag and Catherine Goulet are founders of Visit to discover how to break into the career of your dreams.

by Tag and Catherine Goulet Sisters Tag and Catherine Goulet are co-founders of, a publisher of guides on how to break into a dream career. Visit to discover how to break into your dream career.

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