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Are you drawn to a simpler, more casual decor for your home and garden. If you you probably enjoy county style decor.

Personally, I love it in parts of my home and most of my gardens.

Mixing styles make your living space more interesting. You don't have to do it all the same, unless you just want to.

Using country decor includes using mixed mediums such as wrought iron, barnwood, fabric, etc. You wont see as much fragile, delicate items typically. Country decor also includes animals, such as roosters and other farm animals.

If you enjoy the colorful, fun look of rooster decor- you are in for a treat, Our Rooster Decor Store has 1000's of rooster items to choose from.

Another great thing about country style decor, is that it blends both inside your home and out in your garden.

Items made out of Wrought Iron, like the many offered in our Wrought Iron Store offer lots of versatility. Check out all of our Specialty Stores here. And Shop to your hearts content.

Old Barn Wood Cabinet. This Simple, Yet Striking Piece of Old Barn Wood Furniture Will Look Great in a Country Kitchen Decor or Any Room in Your Home. The Barnwood Cabinet Was Crafted Out of Reclaimed Barn Wood Salvaged From an Old Dairy Barn That Has Withstood Nature's Elemets for Over a Century. An Ideal Collectible That Is Destined to Become and Heirloom. This Barnwood Cabinet Measures 29" Tall.

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