Say it with flowers

by Pippa
(Axminster, Devon)



I live in southwest England and although it's been one of the wettest winters on record spring is in the air.

The rooks are beginning to bicker over the best nesting sites in the trees across the field and the spring flowers are gradually coming out.

My favourites at this time of year are the primroses. There are a lot growing on the banks around the lanes. Their cheerful little faces brighten up the darkest of lanes. Every year I look for them in the little nooks and crannies on the footpaths. Even in the coldest of years they're there, smiling up at me.

There's a lot of snowdrops too. The wet and mild winter has meant they were out earlier than normal. I saw my first snowdrops peeping out from their grassy like leaves at the end of January.

I find it fascinating that the snowdrops are not completely white. If you look at them closely there's a lovely little green bit in the centre of the flower.

If you want to grow them in your garden you need to get them "in the green". That is, they have to have finished flowering but still have leaves on. Then you need to plant them much deeper than you would expect for such a small bulb. They love being well buried at least 6 inches below the surface, maybe even a little more.

Last but by no means least are the bluebells. The blue haze of flowers growing in the woods is just stunning. There's one place near here where the woods are above the road. A steep bank separates the edge of the wood from the roadway.

The bluebells look like a waterfall pouring off the edge of the woodland down onto the road. This is just opposite one of the best views in East Devon, so I ALWAYS have to stop the car and admire both. The bluebells are only there for about a month, generally May, but I look forward to them every year and cherish the memories of their beautiful colours and delicate scent.

If you have the right soil and conditions you can grow all of these in your garden.

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