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Hi, there! I am a recent transplant to Kentucky. I am originally from the COUNTRY of Texas! I have taught Gifted First Graders for 26 years. I am not teaching at this point.

I am very interested in your site. I wish I had the opportunity to talk with you in-depth. I think I would be very interested in a business venture such as this.

My basic question is . . . how much money would you say you put into the START UP of your site?

Thanks for your response!


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Hello Lisa,

WELCOME to KY, and Thank you for your question.

The cost of a website thru SBI is only an amazing 299.00 for 12 months! It can even be purchased on a monthly basis for 30.00 a month.

Of course you have to have an internet connection too, but you probably already knew that.

I spent several months reading and making decisions after joining SBI before I registered my domain name. I love the business, and bet you would too.

Go to SBI thru the links on my site and see what you think. The flexibility of working for yourself is wonderful.

I just got back from a mini vacation, camping in the Smokie Mountains, that is why I had not responded to your question earlier.

I just love picking up and going places without having to ask for vacation time from my boss!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

A suggestion for a site for someone with your experience would be go with what you love to do and are knowledgeable about.

In your case you obviously love teaching gifted children. That has to be very rewarding.

My natural choice was a home improvement site considering my passion for all things that are home related!

If you decide to become an SBIer like I have, please keep in touch, I will be happy to offer help. And if you have any other questions just let me know. TIP- follow the action guide! And Analyze your pages....simple to do with SBI tools.

You can follow the links to SBI from my site.
Thanks, Freda

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